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Fathers in Focus is a 2-week poetry intensive that REEL FATHERS runs bi-annually at Santa Fe's Capital High School. In February-March of 2015, four poet mentors engaged 400 9th grade students in a week-long inquiry into what "father" means to them -- and what they want it to mean in their own futures. Students were invited to reflect, to dialogue, and to write from their hearts about this emotionally challenging subject. The process touched students and poets alike. Poet mentor Francesca R. Bottos posted this blog on the Stories of Learning in New Mexico website:

REEL FATHERS Slide Show -- National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth, HHS-ACF
In June 2014, REEL FATHERS was honored by our work with youth and fathers being highlighted on the website for the Families and Youth Services Bureau of the National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth (NCFY). NCFY is a division within HHS' Administration for Children and Families that promotes the safety, stability, and well-being for people who have experienced or been exposed to violence, neglect or trauma. Positive youth development is another key focus of the federal agency.

To view the NCFY slide show, scroll to June 17, 2014 at this link:

Adult Male voiceover:

"Like mothers, dads matter. It's a fact...when fathers and mothers work together as parents, a child is more likely to enjoy school, get higher grades, and develop positive attitudes and behaviors."

REEL FATHERS PSA Campaign | A Compelling MessageThat's the beginning of one of three spots in REEL FATHERS' first PSA campaign, generously underwritten by Hutton Broadcasting and Los Alamos National Bank/LANB.

Through weekly broadcasts over Hutton's six regional radio stations, fathers and family members across the social/economic spectrum heard a compelling message about the key role fathers play in the well-being of their children. Each message ended with the tag line: Being a dad is not something you are, it's something you do. 

This public service provided a vividly effective way for REEL FATHERS to build understanding of the importance of fathers -- a key part of our mission -- while building awareness of REEL FATHERS' innovative work in the region.   

Listen to Josh's Message:

Listen to Gabe's Message:

Listen to Daniela's Message:

REEL FATHERS--Reel Fathers/Real Families--Filmmaker Ed Radtke works with 9th grade first-time filmmakersREEL FATHERS—Real Families

This was REEL FATHERS' first creative teen intensive on the theme of Fathers. Sixteen 9th grade students – all first-time filmmakers – from Capitol High and Pecos High Schools participated in a 2-week intensive led by filmmaker Ed Radtke of Transparent Films. The 2009 program was a partnership of REEL FATHERS, Warehouse 21 and GEAR UP New Mexico. Youth participants produced 5 videos. One of them, The Runner, was selected by the Santa Fe Film Festival:

  • The Runner
  • The Letter
  • Three Fathers
  • Prom Story
  • Reel Fathers Uncut

Watch Youth Videos on the REEL Fathers Youtube Channel »

Fathers in Focus REEL FATHERS-Fathers in Focus/Adelante-Radio production intensive for youth from homeless families

REEL FATHERS' second creative intensive in 2011 was a selection of audio pieces written and recorded by seven youth whose families were experiencing homelessness. It was a 4-way partnership of REEL FATHERS, Youth Media Project (YMP), Adelante Program/Santa Fe Public Schools, and Northern New Mexico ENLACE. These selections were drawn from the original hour-long broadcast on YMP’s Audio Revolution youth radio series on KSFR.FM.


Santa Fe New Mexican – Dads and Kids Night 2012

Santa Fe New Mexican – Father’s Day Fiesta 2011

Santa Fe New Mexican – Father’s Day Fiesta 2010

The Taos News – Dads and Kids Night 2010

Santa Fe New Mexican – Dads and Kids Night 2008

The New York Times/Hearst News Service
The Daddying Movement: A Gentle Revolution
by Allan Shedlin, 2008.  (PDF, 100 KB)
DADvocacy by Allan Shedlin,
2012.   (PDF, 100 KB)

Youth Media Reporter – REEL FATHERS/Real Families: A First-Time Youth Media Production Intensive by Deborah Boldt, 2009.

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