REEL FATHERS-Father's Day Fiesta: Family relaxes before movie on performance green

Financial Overview

REEL FATHERS is a not-for-profit corporation registered with the State of New Mexico with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status as determined by the Internal Revenue Service.

The income that supports REEL FATHERS is generously contributed by foundations, individuals, government agencies, local businesses, and program partners.

In 2020, individual donors contributed 58% of our income; foundations contributed 24%.  The balance came from government (6%) and earned income (12%).  We raise our total operating budget each year.

REEL FATHERS operates with exceptionally low personnel and administrative costs. Our programs and events are accomplished with one full-time staff member, the executive director, and staff members who work with us as independent contractors.

The federal Tax ID number for REEL FATHERS is 26-4664688. For additional financial information, please contact Deborah Boldt, executive director, at

"I realized that a father has so much impact in his child's life and that being a good father is within reach for anyone."
~ Chuck S.

Our Donors

REEL FATHERS gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the many community and family foundations, individuals, program partners, municipalities, local businesses and board members that have supported our work:


  • Bread for the Journey of Santa Fe
  • Brindle Foundation
  • Buckaroo Ball Foundation Fund, Santa Fe Community Foundation
  • Ethel-Jane Westfeldt Bunting Foundation
  • Dollars4Schools Fund
          Santa Fe Community Foundation
  • The Frost Foundation
  • The Marc Haas Foundation
  • Lannan Foundation
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Foundation
  • Livingry Foundation
  • Livingston Foundation
  • McCune Charitable Foundation
  • Edward S. Moore Family Foundation
  • Newman's Own Foundation
  • New Mexico Children's Foundation
  • St. Vincent’s Hospital Foundation
  • Santa Fe Boys Fund, Santa Fe Community Foundation
  • Santa Fe Community Foundation
           Anonymous Memorial Fund
           Gregg and Lisa Bemis Fund
           Rod Boren Family Fund
           Helenty R. Homans Fund
           Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund
           Buckman Family Fund
  • The Seabury Foundation
  • The Allan Shedlin (Sr.) Foundation
  • Thornburg Foundation
  • Shlenker Block Fund, Houston Jewish Community Foundation
  • The Sulica Fund

Community Business Partners

  • Los Alamos National Bank
  • UBS Financial Services


We so appreciate the individuals who supported REEL FATHERS at the outset as well as those who have joined us more recently.  Many individuals who make gifts to REEL FATHERS do so in memory or honor of a father or grandfather, or children and grandchildren.  It’s our privilege to acknowledge all our individual donors and the remembrances of some.  

  • REEL FATHERS--Dads and Kids Night: Grandfather, grandmother and grandson enjoy musical parade

    100 Women Who Care Santa Fe
  • Robert Abrams
  • Ann Aceves
  • Lee Aiges
  • Page Allen
  • Catherine Allport
          in honor of Andrew Allport
  • Carol Anthony
          in honor of my father, Jack M. Anthony in espiritu,
          my brother, Jay Anthony, and my friend
          Peter Hagen
  • Lucy Arnoti
  • Isaac Ash/United Legwear Company
  • Russell Baker
           in honor of James D. Baker
  • Susan Barocas
  • Marie Bass and Nat Aronson
  • Grace Bauer
  • Susan and Lee Berk
          in honor of Dr. David Ginsberg
  • Susan Berk
          in honor of Lee Berk
  • Samantha and Jeffrey Berkowitz
  • Jonathan and Andrea Berlowe Binder
  • Carol Blake
  • Jessica and Lewis Biscamp
  • Gay Block and Billie Parker
  • Kelly Clark Boldt
          in honor of John and David R. Boldt
  • Deborah Boldt
          in honor of my father, Joseph R. Boldt
  • Angela Schackel Bordegaray
          in honor of fathers and families doing their best
  • Anna Borowyj (Sudhir)
          in honor of the fathers
  • Carol and Don Borut
  • John Braman
  • Catherine and Robert Brawer
           in honor of Allan Shedlin
  • Eric Brenner
  • Laurie Brown
          in honor of Daniel Porter
  • Charlotte Brewer
  • Carol Brunetto
  • Michaela Buhler
  • David and Hannah Burling
  • Frida Burling
  • Ellen Chesler
  • Jay and Barbra Clack
  • Lisa Clark
  • Crispin Clarke
           in honor of my father, Jonathan Clarke
  • Jane Clinton
  • Nancy Cobb
  • Eileen Coen
  • Judith Levy Cohen
          in honor of my father, Mort Levy and Allan Shedlin's Birthday
  • Elizabeth Coleman
          in honor of Allan Shedlin
  • Philip Cook
  • Gigi Coyle
  • Richard Crowell
  • Joe D'Amico
  • Ivor Davis
          in honor of Barry Davis
  • Richard and Barbara Davis
  • Steve Dayton
  • Patrick and Nora Dietz
  • Scottie Dunshee
  • Phil and Gayle Edgerton
  • Joe and Janet Eigner
          in honor of Naomi Eigner Bybee
  • Howard Eisenberg
          in honor of Arlene Eisenberg
  • Marjorie Ellenbogen
          in honor of my father
  • Jim Epstein
  • Jason and Brittany Espinoza
          in honor of Kensington June Espinoza
  • Liz and Paul Fideler
  • Agnes Finucan
  • Ed Fishman
          in honor of my father, Dr. Frank Fishman
  • Simon Fitall
  • "This was the best day of our lives!"
    ~ Luis D. (recently re-united with his family)
    Sandy and Jim Fitzpatrick
  • John and Pamela Gregg Flax
  • Doris Francis-Erhard
         in honor of Louis H. Erhard
  • Gerald Fried and Anita Hall
  • Jeffrey Friedberg/Bossy Frog Band
         in honor of Allan Shedlin, my elementary school principal
  • Felice and Darrell Friedman
          in honor of Allan Shedlin
  • Jerry Friedman
  • Gary Friedman and Trish McCall
  • Brad and Julia Furry
  • Christina and Matthew Garber
          in honor of Grampsy and Dad (Allan Shedlin)
  • William and Rosalind Garber
  • Patricia Garcia
  • Marion and Roger Gilbert
  • Suzin Glickman
           in honor of Ken Kind
  • Judy Goldberg and Thayer Carter
           in honor of Mickey Goldberg
  • Natalie Goldberg
  • Aviva Goldfarb
  • Nina Goodman and Gideon Lachman
  • Kathy Gosliner and Joe Lurie
  • Joan Greenbaum
  •        in honor of Shawn Greenbaum
           and Steve Ravelle
  • Ed Greene
  • Traci Grigg
  • Trevor Hawkins and Ellie Sernet
  • Dana Hees
  • Frank Hirsch
  • Pasha Hogan
          in honor of my dad, Liam Hogan
  • Kathryn Holmes
  • Helenty Homans
  • Ellen Porter Honnet and Chuck Honnet
  • Marianna Houston
  • Peter Israelson
          in honor of Jane Halsman, Fieldston '59
  • Marilynn and Paul Jacobs
  • David A. Jones, Sr.
          in honor of James J. Godbee
  • Kathryn Kaminsky
  • Bruce Kaplan
  • Diane Karp
  • Michael and Jacqueline Kates
          in honor of Allan Shedlin
  • David Kaye
  • Helen and Arne deKeijzer
  • Colleen Kelley
         in honor of Lawrence Kelley
  • Beth Kevles
  • Ben King
  • Jill Kneerim
          in honor of Arthur Kneerim
  • Vivian Koroghlian
          in honor of my husband, Dikran Koroghlian
  • Hilarie and Kevin Laing
  • Kathy Lally
  • Richard and Sylvia Lapan
  • Mary and Alvin Larson
  • Lorraine Lasko
          in memory of my dad, Jerry Gevertz
  • Wendy and Ted Lawrence
  • Marcia Legru
  • Phyllis Lerner
          in honor of REEL FATHERS
  • Marci Levin
  • David Levine and Lucy Simon Levine
          in honor of Allan Shedlin
  • Scott Levine and Alice Geller
  • Elizabeth Livingston
  • Dr. Anne Lundberg
          in honor of Allan Shedlin
  • Corey Mann
  • Aleta Margolis and Michael Brodsky
  • David Markwardt and Tracey Lucas
  • REEL FATHERS--Dads and Kids Night: Father and daughter enjoy art project togetherJerry Marshak
  • Sara Mazie
  • Cara and Kevin McCaffrey
  • Trish McCall and Gary Friedman
  • Susan Freeman McGee
  • Nancy Mehos
  • Margit Meissner
            in honor of Lucy Arnoti
  • Rona Mendelsohn
           in honor of Allan Shedlin
  • Betsy Millard
  • Dick Miller and Dominique Mazeaud
  • Paula McMartin
          in honor of Marci Levin
  • Jeff Moskin
  • Durre Nabi and Bilal Rashid
  • Susan Nalder
  • Arlyn and Fred Nathan
          in honor of Allan and Deborah
    Nan Newton
          in honor of Seth Grusin and Troy Grusin
  • Jane Oakes and Joa Dattilo
  • Lawrence Ottinger
  • Margaret Parsons
           in honor of my dad!
  • Anne Pedersen
  • Sue Perley
  • Claudia Phillips
  • Jeffrey Pine and Tom Morris
  • Gunnar Plake
  • Jeff and Nancy Pollock
  • Stirling Puck and Robert Bell
  • Jim Porter
  • Jestyn Portugill
  • Michael and Sarah Rauch
  • Joel Resnick
  • Clare Rhoades
  • Ruth Robbins and David Evans
  • Marci Robinson and Richard Shore
  • Rachel Rosen
  • Cynthia and Joel Rosenberg
  • Ricardo and Nancy Rosenberg
  • Negin and Atabak Royaee
  • Etain O’Malley
  • Michael and Sarah Rauch
  • Larry Rayburn
  • Ruth Robbins
  • Marc and Robyn Schulhof
  • Ibrahima Sene
  • Selena Sermeno
  • Allan Shedlin
          in honor of the fathers of my grandchildren
  • Allan Shedlin and Deborah Boldt
          in memory of Jim "Sully" Sullivan
  • Michael and Alex Shuman
  • Tom and Ellie Slovis
         in honor of Allan Shedlin for making
         fathering-daddying his passion!
  • Michael Smith
  • Dr. Jules Spotts
  • Dorothea Von Haeften and Arnold Steinhardt
  • Aaron Stern
         in honor of my deceased father
  • Kim Straus and Jack Lain
  • Sue Strebe
  • Kathy and David Strom
  • Wes Studi
  • Dyanna Taylor
           in honor of Clare Rhoades
  • Lore Thorpe
  • Cynthia Titus
  • Lynn Twist
  • Eric von Starck
  • Norm and Bev Wakely
  • Mark A. Walker
           Mark and Tania Walker Fund
  • William Weber
  • Susan Verdi Webster
  • Leslie and Daniel Weinberger
          in honor of Allan Shedlin
  • Brenda Wehle
          in honor of Gino Guzzardo
  • Fredda Weiss
  • Judith Humphreys Weitz
  • Robert Wilber and Linda Whittenberg
  • Matt Wilson
         in honor of Jeff Pollock
  • Nancy Meem Wirth
          in honor of John D. Wirth
  • Kate Wise and Richard Hoffheins
  • Robert Wisehart
  • Mier Wolf
          in honor of Allan Shedlin
  • Robin Woodard
  • Ruth Zaporah
  • Michael Zimber

Local BusinessesREEL FATHERS--Dads and Kids Night: Father and daughter enjoy musical parade

  • Los Alamos National Bank (LANB)
  • Sherpa Stone
  • Furry's Buick GMC
  • Albertson’s/St. Francis
  • Feather and Gill Architects
  • Flying Star Café
  • Jackalope
  • New York Deli
  • New York Life
  • Payne’s Nurseries
  • Whole Foods
  • Santa Fe Sports
  • Walmart
  • Zia Financial Services
In-Kind Support:
  • Hutton Broadcasting
  • David Aubrey, Lightningwood Pictures
  • Don Usner, Ventana de Luz Photography
  • Collected Works
  • Ecco Espresso and Gelato
  • Flying Tiger
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Whole Foods

Program Partners

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Project Life Stories/StoryHealers
  • New Mexico Department of Health
         Maternal and Child Health Division
  • Northern New Mexico ENLACE
         (Engaging Latino Communities for Education)
  • Santa Fe Public Schools
        Capital High School
        Ramirez Thomas Elementary School
  • United Way of Santa Fe
        Early Learning Center at Agua Fria
  • Youth Development, Inc. (YDI)
In-Kind Support:
  • Adelante Program/Santa Fe Public Schools
  • The Birthing Tree
  • FAM JAM!
  • GEAR UP New Mexico
  • Heath Concerts
  • KIDS FIRST!/ Coalition for Quality Children’s Media
  • David Aubrey/Lightningwood Pictures
  • Many Mothers
  • PMS-Head Start/Santa Fe County
  • Warehouse 21/Santa Fe Teen Arts Center
  • Young Fathers of Santa Fe
  • Youth Development Inc.(YDI)
  • Wise Fool New Mexico


  • Santa Fe Public Schools, Ramirez Thomas Elementary SchoolREEL FATHERS-Father's Day Fiesta: Father and son enjoy the festivities.
In-Kind Support:
  • City of Santa Fe
  • New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs
  • Santa Fe Public Schools/Office of Student Wellness

Our apologies for any omissions or errors. Please contact
Deborah Boldt, executive director, at with any corrections.

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